Top tips how to travel safely!

The recent tragic terrorist attach in Paris and the crash of the Russian plane in the Sinai, Egypt, have caused fear and many people are canceling trips or questioning the safety of travel. I have been shaken by these shocking events as well and asked myself what the right thing to do is with regards to traveling: I will continue … Continue reading

Manila Traffic during APEC Leaders Meeting

Manila traffic is pretty bad on a regular day – and it’s worse for special occasions, like the visit of the Pope or this week’s APEC Leaders Meeting, November 16 – 20, 2015! If you are planning to visit, you should check out my travel tips below to make the best of a bad situation!  … Continue reading

What to do about Manila airport bullet security scam?

There has been a lot of news coverage about a scam at Manila’s NAIA airport, in which security staff places a bullet in travelers luggage and then extorts a “fine” from the traveler or threatens to jail them if they don’t pay. This can of course be nerve-wracking and spoil your trip. I have traveled more than 50 times in … Continue reading

How to find the right travel camera!

I always cringe a little when I see people on a once-in-a-lifetime trip taking pictures of unforgettable sights… with their phone, or even worse, tablet! I believe in travel with “leaving only footprints, taking only memories & photos”, so I try to make the most out of the photos I take on my travels. Surely, if you are spending a … Continue reading

The best carry-on to avoid baggage fees – CabinMax

If you are planning to fly with carry-on only on a low-cost carrier like Ryan Air, easyjet or AirAsia, you will not only face a size limit for your carry-on, but also a weight limit! To keep your carry-on as light as possible and safe time and money by avoiding to check-in luggage, I recommend the CabinMax Metz backpack, designed … Continue reading

Top 5 Travel Apps for your smartphone

In my post the Top 5 Travel Gadgets I pointed out that the single most important gadget to bring on your travels is a smartphone – and to make it work, you need to have the best travel apps with you! Check out the best apps to book and organize your trip, to find your way around and to make … Continue reading

Top 10 Travel Quotes

Sometimes, it’s just hard to describe what makes travel such a wonderful thing and keeps me going again and again – and then you stumble upon a quote that puts it into words just perfectly. If you are following my photo blog on Tumblr (check it out here), then you have read some of those quotes. You can find my … Continue reading

Travel Funnies: Things that happen when people fly for the first time!

I love AirAsia – their motto is “now everyone can fly” and their super-low fare have given millions of people a chance to fly for the first time! You can see that everyday across Asia and I’ve been on plenty of flights with “first-timers” trying to navigate their way around unfamiliar territory. I have seen people excitedly “storm” the plane, run … Continue reading

Top 5 Travel Gadget to have!

Having gadgets at home is one thing, but having the right electronic tools on your travel is essential and there are a few things you really shouldn’t leave home without. I will recommend the type of tools you should have and what is important to look out for when you buy something with an eye on traveling! So here is … Continue reading