Yet another travel blog? Why, oh why? Well, first of all, because I’m passionate about travel.

Ultimately, the experiences we have in our life and the people we meet along the way, make up who we are. And the more I traveled, the more memorable my experiences were and the more amazing people I met. Your experience last you for a lifetime, when the material things you bought are long gone!

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”, Augustine

CountriesVisitedMap 201509I have been a frequent business traveler for more than twenty years and a passionate leisure traveler for just as long. I have traveled 12h in International First Class across oceans and 12h on a pickup truck across the Cambodian countryside. I have stayed at hotel rooms worth USD1,50 and USD1,500. Along the way, I have collected (and spent) millions of points and miles across all the major and some not-so-major frequent traveler programs. A lot of my leisure trips were inspired by tips from other travelers, online and in the real world, and they were made better and less costly by using mileage tips and tricks from experienced travelers and writers. In all these travels, I have visited many countries – and fallen in love with a few of them. Check out the map to see where I have been!

Often, when I share stories from a trip, I hear “I wish I could go… but it’s too hard or too expensive”.  DreamTravel OnPoints is meant to help with that: Discover Destinations, based on the experience you are looking for: A romantic getaway or a fun city trip? Are you a nature lover or history buff? And many of the most exciting destinations are much more affordable than you think – if you learn how to Spend Less, using airline and hotel rewards program, rewards credit cards, promotions or the many tricks available to the avid traveler! And make sure that the dream trip of a lifetime turns out just right, by using tips and tricks to Travel Better! And while it can feel overwhelming at first, it doesn’t have to be: Travel Made Easy is the goal of my blog, either through the Do-it-yourself help from my many posts or my Travel Made Easy – Services, if you don’t have the time for DiY!

So, if this site helps you to inspire your next trip, helps you to fit it into your budget or simply makes it better, helps you to find an experience you seek or to meet a new person on your travels who added to your world, it has served it’s purpose.

Follow your dream, experience it, and always travel safely,

Rupert Kaufmann

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